WARNING: subject prone to random bouts of insanity

on these crumpled pieces of paper, i can only scrawl the madness in my head
the war my thoughts are waging against each other, the chaos in my mind
i'm screaming at the nothingness, hoping for it to consume me
nothing but my own insanity
just the darkness of my heart, and the anarchy of my mind
all is folly as i am nothing but a fool
too wrapped up in the fleeting hallucinations, lost in my delirium
watch my dreams fade away as the nightmare takes over
in this endless labyrinth of my psyche, there is no escape
Rose Rain

yuzuru hanyu is so flawless!

i know, i know, i'm Canadian, and i am disappointed that Patrick Chan lost (i had really, really, really wanted for him to win gold), but OMG Yuzuru Hanyu is just so beautiful, and his skate was just fantastic. i still can't get over how super cute he is.

have a video of his reaction on my tumblr here, and my bestie's description was, "he's like a little pokemon!" he is so adorable. i still can't get over how adorable he is.

also, Kim Yuna was robbed! robbed, i tell you! she was beautiful, graceful, flawless, fluid ~ AMAZING!

sorry, random, but i just had to get that out there.

best scene from one of the dumbest movies ever



the movie's called Magic to Win, and it is legit one of the stupidest movie's ever. it is so bad. i don't even mean awesomely bad like Snakes on a Plane or Versus. it's just bad. now this scene, however, when Wu Jing and Wu Chun fight against each other with lightsabers, was awesomely bad. best thing ever. i mean, legit nerds might call it blasphemous, but it had me and my brother in stitches.